what we believe

“It’s normal, you’re a mom…”

It is an unfortunate truth that we women are led to believe that our new reality postpartum is set in stone.

We grimace during exercise, discreetly buy incontinence pads and dread the thought of intimacy. We can be left feeling confused and frustrated about a subject that can be taboo, private or embarrassing.


We help women…

  • Who want to exercise, enjoy activities and have an active life
    but are nervous or unsure of exactly who to turn to.

  • Who have been told to do Kegels
    and think that there may be more to be done.

  • Who are nervous to laugh, cough or jump
    because doing so usually results in leaking.

  • Who cringe at the thought of intimacy due to the discomfort it causes,
    but try anyway fearing that if they don’t try, sex will never be enjoyable again.

  • Who are looking for physiotherapeutic help beyond pelvic floor

    but can’t seem to find someone to put the whole picture together.

  • Who are worried and scared because they feel a heaviness “down there”
    and don’t know where to turn for help.

  • Who are feeling frustrated with the lack of physiological care for new moms
    and know that something feels wrong with their new post-baby body.

  • Who have a separation in their abs
    and are scared to move or exercise for fear of making it worse.  

  • Who have been told “it’s normal, you’re a mom”
    and refuse to accept that answer.

The good news is there is hope and you are in the right place.

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