What is the difference between Beyond Kegels and a pelvic floor-only physio?

We are a pelvic floor physiotherapy practice - but we happen to take an approach that is broader in nature when necessary. We’ll thoroughly assess your pelvic situation, holistic movement and orthopaedic issues as well.

In discussing this with other moms, we realized that this was a need in our community. Moms have issues other than pelvic, such as sore hips and knees, and sometimes these issues stem from a pelvic issue from a delivery years ago.

Basically, if you’re a mom that has a physio need, we are focused in assessing and treating the whole physiological picture.

I had a baby years ago, but have had no issues until now. Is it too late to seek help?

Having a pelvic floor evaluation can always be beneficial. The pelvic floor, like any other muscle, needs to be trained to stay strong and healthy. An evaluation done by a physiotherapist gives you the opportunity to ask questions and voice your concerns. You will be given an exercise program specifically tailored to meet your goals.

I am postpartum, but not feeling any discomfort or pelvic floor issues. Should I still be evaluated?

A proactive assessment is advised at least once postnatally - whether you've just given birth or in the years that follow, whether or not you feel any issues. Many postpartum problems can present two to three decades after your first vaginal delivery if left untreated.

What if I feel uncomfortable asking questions about my pelvic floor?

We understand. Your comfort is of the utmost importance.

We create an individualized care and treatment plan based on your comfort level, addressing any issues and concerns that you may have. Our goal is to empower you. We encourage you to take an active role in your treatment.


How do I prepare for my first evaluation?

We will send you a questionnaire to fill out before the first appointment. Please bring a pair of comfortable pants/shorts, have any questions ready, and you’re all set.

I am interested in an “in-home” treatment at my house. Do I need to prepare anything?

Please have your online forms completed and you’re all set. We bring our equipment and set up inside your home, in the area of your choice. All we ask for is (somewhat) easy parking. Babies welcome!

Why is Beyond Kegels only servicing certain areas for their in-home treatments?

Driving in Montreal…we know. Not easy. In order to be on time, as well as maximize the amount of therapy and interaction we get with you, we try to keep our driving between clients to a minimum. That said, we may add more areas in the future as we grow. Special requests can also be made.

I do not have a referral from a doctor. Can I still be seen?

You do not need to have a doctor's referral to consult a pelvic floor physiotherapist. Pelvic floor physiotherapy is covered by most Canadian private insurance plans.

Any other questions?

Feel free to message us or send us an email.